International Patients Reception

In Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co., a special place has been allotted to meet the needs and expectations of the international patients. All the services, running the gamut from reception to discharge, are provided exclusively in the division. The professional staff of the international patients division is also ready to provide all types of services. For the sake of convenience, if clients need any information or consultation, they can contact us through phone, internet or in person.

Travel Plan

The international patients department of Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co. plans clients’ travel with regard to their preferences. The plan is perfectly designed based on the patients’ time limitations and their medical needs. The plan is designed in a way that the services will be provided in the shortest amount of time and with the highest quality.

Accompanying you from Airport to Airport

The international patients department will accompany the clients from the very moment they set foot in the country until the last step in which our agents see them off after all diagnostic and therapeutic stages by special transportation vehicles.

Translation and Accompaniment

In Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co. you won’t encounter any communication problem. Our professional staffs, who are fluent in different languages, will accompany you in all therapeutic stages.

Travel Tour

The aim of Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co. is to make the travel for the clients as memorable as possible. Travel agency present in the hospital will plan spectacular tours for the patients. The tours make the travel as enjoyable and as memorable as possible for you.

Easy Contact with your Doctors after your Return

This is your right to keep in contact with your doctors or your medical team whenever you want. One of our obligations in international patients’ reception division is to provide such opportunity for easy access to your medical team and physicians after the completion of the treatment procedures and your return to your homeland. In this regard, you can easily contact your doctors whenever you want and wherever you are.