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Caring stages for a medical tourist seeking for health

First stage : contact , personal contact ,  phone and internet  contact between patient and health tourism agency. In  this contact , depending  on the patient and his request , the information will be given to him from agency and the patient is allowed to decide whether the introduced services are within his need or not.

Second stage : this stage includes filling  referral from which include medical report the medical report should give full details of your present condition , relevant medical history , provision a diagnosis & the treatment or investigations.

This medical reports allow agency to match patients requirements to one or a number of agency associated medical centers.

Third stage : in this stage , the patients information , will be checked by the medical team and after analyzing the information , depending on the patients need , necessary medical  actions will be planned.

Fourth stage :  in this stage , the approximate expense is estimated and how much is residential expense for curing in the destinated country?

Fifth stage : sending  treatment expenses and treatment handling and visa holding conditions and treatment conducting conditions by sending an official E-mail.

Sixth stage : with great agreement ,providing travel and holding visa.

Seventh stage : traveling to the destinated country , welcoming in the airport determining the visit time or  hospitalizing , providing medical diagnosis services in the hospital.

Eight stage : releasing from the hospital and returning to the residential place until flying to the original country.

Ninth stage : keeping care in the original country if it is necessary.