Key Departments


Key departments include Cardiovascular, Neurology, Surgery and Orthopedics.

In Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co., medical panel, comprised of the most dexterous and well-known specialty and sub-specialty physicians armed with the most advanced medical instruments, perform surgical operations in accordance with the most recent breakthroughs and the highest standards in the world.

Services provided by the cardiovascular department: consultation and treatment of the cardiovascular system, performing cardiography- ecometry- angiography and exercise tests and examining the patients after open heart surgeries.

Services provided by neurology department: diagnoses and treatments  pertaining to MS, Myasthenia gravis, Guillain Barre, neuropathy, CVA- ICH- SAH- cerebral venous thrombosis- seizures- optic neuritis- myopathy- Parkinson’s, ALS- MND- TIA- RICP.

Services provided by the orthopedics department: performing various operations on joints such as the knee, hip and pelvis, shoulder- elbow- wrist- ankle- spinal cord- trauma and arthroplasty in the treatment of various problems and sports injuries.

Other surgical operations performed in the division include head and neck surgeries, thyroid, breast, digestive system, diseases of the rectum- cancer surgery and advanced laparoscopic surgery.

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