M.I.C.E  Department

It’s a great honor for Aria Company to offer you Strategic M.I.C.E Management Services in Iran. We believe that sound management is the basis for every decision, so Aria strategic M.I.C.E management services not only ensure the success of your events; it also guaranties a smooth process and full cost control. Optimize your internal resources when it comes to planning, implementation and follow-up keeping you informed and in charge.

Medical Department

CEO”s Message

Passionate about high quality healthcare. This is the essence of what we are. Easily accessible location, carefully planned, aesthetically pleasant facility accelerating recovery from illness and optimizing patient flow, processes, comprehensive services, cutting-edge technology, we have all these at Aria Co. But what we are really proud of is the PEOPLE who work here. We have taken utmost care in acquiring the best talents and skills available to the region. We ensure that everybody who joins Medcare is passionate about our vision. People with the right skills, attitude and a lot of empathy in their heart, people who see patients as partners in their care. We ensure that we all go through continuous training and other development programmes to remain at the leading edge of delivering world-class healthcare. Now you can see why we feel confident about making a promise to you of making you feel better.

Healthy mind in a healthy body is the basic requirement for success in life. Let us take care of Health First …. Everything else will follow.

Tourism Department

Whether trekking, wildlife-spotting or experiencing a new culture, the exhilarating tours will leave you feeling inspired and fulfilled.

There is no greater experience than seeing the incredible wildlife of Centre of Iran in its natural habitat. Iran is home to an abundance of amazing wildlife, including leopard, chemiliars and a huge array of birdlife. Our superb tours allow you to get into the very heart of Iran wilderness, giving you the chance to encounter these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Iran has something for everyone, from its stunning colonial architecture, UNESCO preserved habitats, breathtaking scenery and a wealth of unspoilt tropical journey. Book with Aria Tour & Travel Operator Co. for first-hand knowledge and a tailor-made experience. Walk the streets of Tehran, cycle through the tropical countryside, dive in the clear waters of Persian Gulf. The company will make all the arrangements for you – hotels, transfers car hire, domestic & international flights and escorted tours. Go before it changes!